What an exciting week!! I’ve been wearing ColourCure since our conference in June and now we can finally share it with everyone! ColourCure is truly like lacquer and gel had a baby, bringing you the best of both products! We are transforming the nail category again with a whole new, unique line of curable lacquer – ColourCure! ColourCure allows the durability and look of gel with the ease and speed of lacquer.


I have worn both a colour and the clear and love both! I was able to get a crazy amount of wear time with All That Jazz Colour Cure. I have also worn the clear over my wraps and regular lacquers greatly extending the wear time. Over a lacquer I had 9 days without any chipping or wearing…wow!!!

Take a look at the amazing colours that have now been released, and we have 10 more coming to you in September! I would love to hear your comments and questions about ColourCure. If you are ready to fall in love like I have click here