At this year’s International Conference, Fight Against Domestic Violence (FADV) shared some important and exciting news. Consultants now have the opportunity of holding a Mani-Mixer in your local community. What is a Mani-Mixer? A Mani-Mixer is a 90 minute event at a shelter where we bring friends and family to volunteer to do manicures for domestic violence survivors and their children using products donated by Jamberry. How awesome is that!?!

Changing our culture is how we fight domestic violence and each of us can help. You nowhave the ability to donate to FADV every time you checkout! You can elect to round their order up to the nearest dollar, with the extra proceeds going to the FADV Foundation. I love this!!!

FADV has introduced 5 Collection wraps that you and your customers can wear in support of Fight Against Domestic Violence. Jamberry will donate $2┃C$2.56 to FADV for every Collection wrap sold. You can support FADV by clicking here