Wow you guys!!! This new starter kit is incredible!

We are thrilled to introduce a new Starter Kit called the “Style Essentials Kit”! The Style Essentials Kit is an exciting option for any Jamberry product lover because it includes every essential item that Jamberry offers – packaged in a GORGEOUS box with our Kimono wrap design used as an accent. The purchase of this kit automatically goes towards your fast start goals and counted towards incentives, rank advancements, and other programs. This means you will already earn this months JamSquad perk of the month…wow!!!


Don’t worry! Our old starter kit isn’t going away! It is now called the Business Basics Kit…giving you two fabulous options to choose from that suit your needs for your business.

The Style Essentials Kit gives you everything you need to try all of our current products and be able to show them to friends right away and he new kit allows you to choose which marketing materials best fit your business approach, because you get Marketing Material credit.


What are you waiting for!?! Join my Jamsquad today and set yourself up for success. Click here