Wow! Where did summer go!?!? The kids and I enjoyed 8 weeks at our trailer, spending time exploring and every day at the beach. But alas today is back to reality! My oldest went back to school today and while I mourn our lazy days of summer I am excited to get back to routine and down to work! I love being a work at home Mom but it is crazy hard to get anything done with both kids home and one that doesn’t have naps.  Can anyone relate?


My to do list is long, and somewhat overwhelming but eventually the house will get back in shape and my business will be back on track to tackle fall. I have so far been busy doing laundry and unpacking, tidying up and sorting. One of my major first to do’s is to organize my new home office that my husband created while I was away. It is beautiful and I am so looking forward to having a space all my own to work in and keep me motivated. The daunting task of sorting through and organizing “everything purple” that was dumped in here is first priority while I mix in all the other items on my list.


Wishing you all a Happy Back to School and a successful school year for your kiddos. Excuse me while I dive into a pile of purple 😉