Hot Jam! I am so excited! I have just returned from our International Conference in Orlando and I have so many exciting things to share but first….where are we going next!?! Mexico!


The future is so bright I need my shades and if you have been thinking about joining my team, now is the time!!   You WANT to be here for all the incredible things we have coming…trust me!  It is time to get in the game and get started…I can help!   Contact me for more information about getting started and if you are from Mexico and interested in this life changing opportunity, I want to hear from you!   Free samples are also available so Contact me to request yours today!!

I have been a consultant with Jamberry since the first day in Canada and it has been an incredible opportunity, one that I would love to share!!  This opportunity has been life changing for me, and together I will change your life and you will in turn change many others. Be a blessing and let’s change lives together. Click here to chat about the Jamberry opportunity today!!

For those of you in México, we have set up a Mexico Express Interest Site. This is where you’ll want to go if you are interested joining the Jamberry México market. Enter your contact information in order to receive a coupon for a 25% discount on your Starter Kit (valid during the pre-launch period). Even though our exact launch date is to be announced soon, we are doing a pre-launch on September 13. During the pre-launch period (September 13 – launch), any potential México Consultants can get 25% off their Starter Kit purchase (available to those who enter their contact information on the express interest site or if they sign up at any one of our pre-launch events).

As if that’s not enough, we are also hosting a pre-launch tour! If you are interested in joining us from Mexico, attending one or more of the stops on this tour is a great way to get started. We will provide more information about the tour as we get closer to the event dates. You can also receive the coupon code for the kit discount at these tour stops. The tour dates are as follows:

  • September 20 – México City South
  • September 21 – Monterrey
  • September 22 – Guadalajara
  • September 23 – Leon Gto
  • September 24 – México City North
  • September 25 – Oaxaca
  • September 26 – Merida

Whew — that was a lot of information! I will be continuing to provide additional information about our newest market as we get closer to the launch date. But for now… ¡Viva México!