Next week my son will finish his first year of school, where did junior kindergarten go!?! This year we made the decision that I would stay home after my maternity leave with our daughter and be there for the kids. This year has been such a wonderful opportunity and though its still busy, and I may not have loved every minute I have loved the chance to be there for my kids.

This year my daughter and I were able to walk my son to school and pick him up every day. We have been able to walk up for school BBQ’s, winter carnival, Christmas concert, classroom tour/performance and this morning attend a volunteer appreciation breakfast. Thanks to my opportunity to work my Jamberry business from home I have been able to go on several field trips – the museum, library and airport were this years trips for me. Thanks to a lovely neighbour who watches my little one, and my flexibility I am able to go with my son on these trips, see him in action with his peers, and support the teachers and students in their learning.

As my son approaches 5 the old adage that time flies, and children are only young for a short time rings true. I am reveling in my ability to support him in his education, be there before and after school and work my business on our schedule. My kids are only young once, and before I know it they will be grown and no longer need their Mommy (or want to be seen in public with her). So while I can I will show up to school and watch his little face light up and arms wave about because Mommy is there for his song, dance, or class trip.

As JK comes to an end I look forward to packing up the kids and spending our time at our trailer and the beach. These moments are precious and thank to Jamberry I will take them while I can get them.