I can’t believe we are already in the month of June! JamCon 2016 our international conference will be taking place in August and it’s really sneaking up on me! Last year I attended conference in Texas and I truly believe that it is such a worthwhile experience to attend. From the training, to the networking and of course the swag its such an amazing learning experience. I had a blast connecting with my fellow jam sisters and soaking in all the information (and did I mention Mommy was away without kids!). Yes last year you may have found me in the lazy river with a few frozen beverages 😉

This year conference is at Disney in Orlando, Florida. I have to say I’m finding the whole thing a bit overwhelming trying to decide what day to arrive, what parks to visit, how much to spend on tickets, or whether to park myself by the resort pool with a beverage. I’m looking at going a few days early to see some of the parks so any advice is welcome! And then of course once conference begins I will be submersed in Jamberry goodness! In some ways I wish that conference was at a simple resort like last year, a day in the waterpark and no crazy Disney choices to be made…though I am looking forward to seeing all things Disney for the first time. Ohhh and another major decision! What Disney wraps do I adorn my fingers with?

I know that I find conference to be a worthwhile experience and I highly recommend that what ever company you are with you make an effort to attend conference, regionals or what ever other opportunities arise. There is really no replacing the connections and learning you will make by attending these events. And don’t forget some kid free, I’m just me time isn’t so bad either.