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May 2016

FREE Webinar: Simple Strategies to Creating Your Stellar Facebook Party

Featuring tips from Social Media Strategists and Success Trainers, Beth Reed & Kelly Van Balkom. Includes a 30-minute Q&A at the end of the webinar.

Source: FREE Webinar: Simple Strategies to Creating Your Stellar Facebook Party


Throwback Thursday Week 3!

It’s Throwback Thursday! This week brings us“Adam’s Favorite” and “Beauty in Bloom” — our two throwback wraps for the week! These wraps are bright and perfect for summer, not to mention, they look great together. From the CEO’s favorite wrap to our Consultant survey wrap winner, these two wraps are sure to make a big impact.


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Disney Collection by Jamberry – Volume 2

Mirror, mirror on the wall Jamberry has Disney for you all!!!! We have just released Disney Collection by Jamberry Volume 2 and wow, wow, wow!!! All new characters and juniors too!

I know so many people were asking for junior Disney Collection wraps and now it’s a reality! They are so adorable and I cannot wait to get these on my daughters tiny little hands.

This volume of Disney Collection by Jamberry brings you Disney Bambi, Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends, Disney Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess Snow White. I love this collection and am furiously writing my wish list. I think that Thumper is on the top of my list (my husbands nickname is Thumper) and they are so cute! Which wrap is your favourite in this collection?


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Rediscover Jamberry

Are you ready to help former Consultants rediscover Jamberry? We are excited to launch our Rediscover Jamberry incentive. Beginning May 1 at 12:00 a.m. MT through May 31 at 11:59 p.m. MT, any eligible former Consultant who re-joins Jamberry will receive 35% | C40% off the registration and Starter Kit fee of $99 | C$119!

As a new consultant you will receive our NEW starter kit, take a look at what is included here Click here

You may have left Jamberry for a variety of reasons but we would LOVE to have you come back and give your business a second chance at life! There have been many exciting changes with Jamberry and there is always new things coming around the corner. Check out some of the latest.

  • Exciting Collaborations: We have collaborated with some of the most iconic brands and designers to create a variety of nail wrap lines. Some of these include the Disney Collection by Jamberry, Tracy Reese, and many more coming in the future!


  • Amazing New Product: Our products have continually evolved and changed to be easier to use, on track with current trends, and are specially formulated for Jamberry. With the TruShine Gel Enamel System, we now have our very own line of gel. We also offer more nail wrap finishes from satin to luster, and many gorgeous new colors of lacquer.


  • Global Expansion Opportunities: Jamberry is now in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (in addition to the US and Canada, of course). We continue planning launches into other parts of the world. Where will we go? Come back to find out, and join us on these international journeys.


  • Improved Consultant Training: We have a new line up of calls for new and current Consultants (Wrap Chats and weekly training calls) and a totally revamped Jamberry University training platform. We also have new live training events from Area Meetings to Summits.

During the Rediscover incentive period, all returning Consultants will be considered NEW Consultants. This means you will have the option to select a new Sponsor and qualify for Fast Start and any other new Consultant reward programs.

To determine if you are eligible to rejoin contact me or click here to join

All that Glitters

Loving all the spring styleboxes so far this year! May’s stylebox is called All that Glitters.I love that each month I can change my subscription style based on the wraps that I love the most! This stylebox includes an exclusive lacquer and your choice of either Trendy, Classic or Feminine.

Check our this months styles Click here

Which box will you be choosing? The last date to subscribe to receive All that Glitters is May 14th. To order yours Click here

Throwback Thursday – Popstar

Back by popular demand Jamberry is doing Throwback Thursday again this year!!! So freaking exciting! This is the first week and hold onto your comic books but it is one of the most popular designs in Jamberry history! Popstar!!!!!

The throwback designs will go live at 9am EST each throwback Thursday and will be while supplies last or until 11:59 p.m. MT Monday. These designs will be HOT so stay tuned and get them while you can! 

To order your Popstar Click here


You Joined a Direct Sales Company….now what?

When you first join a company it can be overwhelming to get familiar with the company and launch your business. Hopefully you have a strong and supportive sponsor to lead you along the way but there are number of things that you can do to get off to a strong start.


Pick a date and send out your invites! This is the fastest way to grow your business. Despite what you might be thinking, this isn’t about sales! Sure you would like to hit the sales running but more importantly you want to get BOOKINGS! That’s how your business will grow so your goal should be 3 bookings for every party.Your launch party is also the perfect place to find your first team member! This is WAY more fun with a partner and they’ll be thanking you in a few months for sure!!


You will want to let your friends know that you’ve partnered with your company! You can say something like, “I’m officially a _____ Independent Consultant!!! If you are not familiar with _______–you need to check them out! I have fallen in love (obviously) and (something you love about your products)

“Use the link below to find my catalog”
You can also:
– ask them to check out your webpage and post a link
-post a photo of you using your product
– say, “Look what I am doing” and post a photo of your product

3.Set Up Your Sample Request Form
Getting your product in people’s hands is by far the best way to make the ladies fall in love.

4.Start your Companies Training

Whatever training your company has available dive in! Soak it all in and apply the tools that you learn. For example Jamberry offers JamU (Jamberry University) that has great lessons for new consultants and tons of information and updated training for all consultants.


This step is optional, as you don’t HAVE to have one but in this age of social media advertisement, it’s a good idea to use it to your advantage!
Here is how to get it set up.
1. Up by your notifications, to the right of the world icon and the little lock is the drop down arrow. Click on that.
2. Then click on ‘Create a page’.
3. Follow the steps to create your page.
4. Download and add one of the ‘Compliant’ banners to give it a professional look

5.Invite your friends it ‘like’ your page. There is a little button on the bottom right corner of your banner with three circles in a row. Click on that and them choose the ‘invite friends’ option.

Then start posting away!! There are ways to schedule posts out for the week also so ask your sponsor or Team Manager how to do that if you want to take advantage.


Say what?! I know that sounds like A LOT of parties but I want that to be your goal – they can be a mixture of Facebook parties and in-home parties but I want your goal to be 6. Parties are how you are going to find your customers, new team members, and future hostesses so get those on your calendar! Use this post to list the dates of your scheduled parties! How are you going to find these parties? By ASKING!

7. Explore your workstation.

Whatever the layout for your businesses back office/workstation/dashboard get familiar with it. You will likely find where to set up parties, place orders, policies, business updates etc


So by now, you’re in the thick of your launch party, you’ve read through your business materials and you are ready to kick it into high gear. The first thing you’ll find is that working your business is a lot of fun! The problem is your family will think you’re having an affair with your business! It’s easy to get sidetracked on Facebook so it’s important you look at your schedule, your commitments, family time, etc. and find out when you can set aside time to work your business.


I know, I know…this is the boring legal mumbo jumbo BUT it’s important that you stay compliant with these operating procedures. Most companies go to great lengths to have consistent branding to help you market your own businesses.
In this document you’ll find guidelines to what you can and cannot post in public places like your Facebook page and your Facebook Business page as well as about any and every other question you will have in your business. It’s important to know these details.


Business cards are not mandatory but they are an essential marketing tool.


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