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April 2016


Each month Jamberry release our Sister Style Exclusive wraps that are only available for that month. April’s is so incredible! I love it! This month’s Sisters’ Style lets you embark on an adventure around the world without having to renew your passport! Inspired by adventure and travel, ‘Wanderlust’ features a world map in shades of muted blue and green with white lettering overlay, perfect for any wanderer.


Do you love this wrap as much as I do? Get yours while you can…April will be over before we know it! Click here


London Calling

In celebration of our launch in the UK last week Jamberry introduced two new UK inspired wraps. I am in LOVE!! These wraps are available in all markets and will be on my must have list for sure!

Make a statement at any tea party with ‘Afternoon Tea’. I think that these wraps are fabulous for any tea lover, Steeped Tea consultants or people who just love freaking cute wraps!


The red double decker buses have become a national symbol of England, show your London pride with ‘London Double’. Worn on their own or paired with your other nail wrap favorites, you are sure to stand out with these adorable wraps! These wraps are so adorable! I think they are great for lovers of the UK and honestly make me think of the Double Decker buses in Victoria, BC as well.


What do you think? Do you love these wraps? To order these wraps or any of our ‘Around The World’ wraps inspired by Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and the US Click here

Jamberry Officially Launches in the UK!!!

What a day!! Yesterday was so AMAZING! Love seeing all of the excitement from women launching their new businesses and of course everyone excited to try the products.

I am so excited to welcome all of my UK friends to my Jamberry team today! My business has been a huge blessing for me and I love sharing it with others.

I am so happy to be able to help and support so many others in their journey to have a successful home business!
Being home with my kids full time, making great money and being a part of this amazing company has been a dream come true!

Contact me if you would like more information on this incredible opportunity or click here to join!

I am also hosting a Jamberry UK Launch party online so if you would like an invite contact me to come join the fun, games and prizes!


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