Woohoo! So exciting we have a date for the official launch of Jamberry UK! April 5th is the day! It will be a busy month helping my future team get ready to launch their new business but it will so worth it!!

I am so over the moon excited for these ladies and the opportunity that lays before them! The momentum created getting into a new business at the ground floor is insane, and the possibilities are so endless. The excitement is mounting and lives are about to change forever..one nail wrap at a time.


If you want more information on the opportunity now is the time! We are four weeks from the big day and I am happily building relationships and getting to know all the ladies who are ready to go. This is such a fun stage as we get to know each other and get them ready to start their businesses off on the right foot.

For more information and to request your free sample click here. I also have an interest group on facebook for Jamberry UK so contact me if you would like to be added to stay up to speed 🙂