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March 2016

Treat Mom

Wow! March Break and Easter, along with an ice storm day really threw me off my game! Let’s get all caught up shall we!

Mother’s Day will soon be upon us so let’s try and avoid the last minute scramble for a card and a potted plant 😀 Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for all the amazing women in your life? We’ll we’ve got it for you! Our Mother’s Day Gift Sets are the perfect gift, complete with catalog and exclusive wrap designs and even a pre-packaged gifting envelope

We have three gift sets to suit your Mom’s tastes. Packs a Punch includes 4 wrap designs (2 exclusive and 2 catalog designs), which are all pre-packaged in a Mother’s Day gifting envelope. Pop Art Fusion, Ka-Pow, White and Black Polka and With a Kiss. The Little Things includes Color Washed, Fine Lines, Brooklyn Bridge and Creme De La Creme. The Two of Us  – Standard and Junior includes Wildflower, Flower Hour, Alpine Meadow, Botanical Bliss and Garden Breeze.

These are all stunning sets! Which one will you choose? To order yours today


Spring Fling

Spring has finally sprung! Check out next month’s StyleBox to see what exclusive nail wraps you can get on your fingers and toes.Classic, trendy, or femenine? Jamberry StyleBox caters to all three and depending on your style, you could be sporting butterflies, flowers, or ladybugs next month!

To see April’s Stylebox Click here

Get Jamberry mail delivered right to your front door each and every month with a StyleBox subscription. Next month will have you swooning over adorable spring designs— get your StyleBox subscription today! To order yours Click here

Which stylebox will you choose?

Excited to Get Started With Jamberry UK But Need a Sponsor?

Joining a party direct sales business is so exciting! The hard thing can be finding the right sponsor to support you in your business.  If you are interested in the Jamberry opportunity and are not currently working with a consultant, I would love to help you launch your business!   I  joined on launch day in Canada so I am very familiar with the ups and downs of launching in a new area and have been a consultant for 2 and a half years.

What is important is that you find a sponsor who is a right fit for you! How do they lead their team? Will they support you for the long haul?  What is their experience? Do they care about you as a person?

To be successful in your business you need to decide what you want out of it, set goals to work towards and create your action plan to get you there (the right sponsor can really help!).  Whether you are looking to pay a few extra bills each month, or earn full time income Jamberry can help!

If you are from the UK and are looking for a Jamberry sponsor, contact me to learn more about the business and lets see if Jamberry is the right fit for you 🙂 I have a rocking interest group available to you that is full of information, training and support…just ask and I will add you in 🙂 If you are ready to take the leap and change your life today by requesting your free sample Click here

If you are from Canada or the US and would like to join Jamberry TODAY, click hereto get started!


We Have a Date!!!

Woohoo! So exciting we have a date for the official launch of Jamberry UK! April 5th is the day! It will be a busy month helping my future team get ready to launch their new business but it will so worth it!!

I am so over the moon excited for these ladies and the opportunity that lays before them! The momentum created getting into a new business at the ground floor is insane, and the possibilities are so endless. The excitement is mounting and lives are about to change nail wrap at a time.


If you want more information on the opportunity now is the time! We are four weeks from the big day and I am happily building relationships and getting to know all the ladies who are ready to go. This is such a fun stage as we get to know each other and get them ready to start their businesses off on the right foot.

For more information and to request your free sample click here. I also have an interest group on facebook for Jamberry UK so contact me if you would like to be added to stay up to speed 🙂

Shattered Glass

Ohhhh my Jamberry!!! If you have been following along you know how much I LOVED my February Stylebox by Jamberry and the EXCLUSIVE bonus wrap Shattered Glass. Well Jamberry has out done itself once again and for a limited time (while quantities last) Shattered Glass is available for everyone to purchase.

This wrap is incredible, and so completely stunning on! You can layer with lacquer or another wrap or wear this beauty all by herself. Don’t miss out on this show stopper! Click here to see my original post about the February Stylebox and Shattered Glass. To order your Shattered Glass wrap Click here


Your Invited – Jamberry UK Webinar

Interested in the opportunity to become one of the first Jamberry consultants in the UK?!   Here is your chance to learn more about this incredible business!

Sign up here to attend the first of many webinars hosted by Jamberry!

Click here to register >>


Joining Jamberry as one of the first consultants is so exciting but you may have lots of questions!   If so, just contact me and lets chat about all the details 🙂

Have you requested your free sample of our nail wraps yet? If not, you can do that here!



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