I am a strong believer that not every company is a fit for every person and it’s important to know what you are looking for in your quest for a direct sales/party plan business.  I love offering opportunity events so that people can hear information and make an educated decision around whether Jamberry is a fit for them and their needs and goals. Nothing is better than a fun and casual forum to ask any questions and get a feel for the team.

I offer opportunity events in different ways frequently for my team and this month I am offering up a UK TACO night….what the heck I’m sure you are wondering. Let me explain TACO night is Totally Awesome Career Opportunity!!! What a perfect fit for my LOVE of Jamberry!


Have you wanted to know more about Jamberry? Wonder what we do? Love the products and want a discount? Want to earn extra Christmas money? Curious about our upcoming launch in the UK? This is the place for you!

Join us for our TACO Night and have all your questions answered!

If you are interested in attending my UK TACO Night I would love to hook you up with an invite! Contact me now and I will get you into the event where we will have fun, and of course there will be PRIZES!!