I never really believed in life changing opportunities…I was bound to work the same job or similar for the rest of my life with not a lot of movement. That was before Jamberry. My own story aside I have met or connected with so many incredibly inspiring women it blows my mind! These women are supportive, encouraging and cheerleaders from afar….many of them probably don’t even realize the impact they have had on people they have never met. Yup I have my jamgirl crushes and idols and meeting some of them at conference I was shaking in my flip flops.

One of these incredible women (Debbie Bird) started a hashtag amongt consultants #becauseofjamberry. It started as a small idea to be positive, and share the blessing that Jamberry has been in people’s lives, if I remember correctly it started on the Team Leader page and evolved as everyone shared with their teams…it became huge! The hashtag has become a place for us to share our testimonials, the blessings bestowed on us. No matter how big or small Jamberry means something to each consultant…whether its “I got a safer car”, “paid for my kids camp”, “became confident” or “quit my full time job” the impact is far and wide.

I encourage you to take a look at #becauseofjamberry and see some of the stories out there. Be inspired! Be inspiring!