So today I’m getting personal. When I first started direct sales and Jamberry I truly only had the intention of having a little bit of fun and making a little extra money. You know enough to pay for the kids sports, or maybe go buy myself some new clothes, or date night with hubby. I really did not see the big picture! I had no intention of building a team, or a business at all!

Fast forward….in December I returned to work from my maternity leave with my second child and knew it was going to be crazy! I had been moved to a location out of town, and had to somehow get the kids to daycare and then make the drive in record time. And then…I had to do that all over at the end of the day. I was doing all of this, to make good money that was mostly all going to pay for my kids to be taken care of (one before and after school and the other full time)….nuts!!

So I made an attempt (very brief) and it was clear this was just not going to work. So what’s a Mom to do? Well leave her job of almost 10 years and stay home with the kids of course. After careful consideration we decided that it just did not make sense to be so stressed, and then pay everyone else to watch the kids when I could stay home and work on Jamberry during nap times and quiet play. By the time I paid out childcare I could easily make that income up with my direct sales business (and then some).

I decided to write about this new normal for us today because it really hit me how incredibly, freaking blessed I am! Both kids were sick this week…in no shape for daycare sick! Little miss was a hot, sick mess and my favourite guy well he was running a crazy high fever for 5 days. What on earth would I have done had I not been able to stay home! Hubby and I would have had to figure out who was staying home what days, loose pay and stress, stress, stress. So while I hated how sick my kidlets were this week, it did finally hit me what an amazing choice we made for our family. Oh the power of direct sales!