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February 2016

TACO Night

I am a strong believer that not every company is a fit for every person and it’s important to know what you are looking for in your quest for a direct sales/party plan business.  I love offering opportunity events so that people can hear information and make an educated decision around whether Jamberry is a fit for them and their needs and goals. Nothing is better than a fun and casual forum to ask any questions and get a feel for the team.

I offer opportunity events in different ways frequently for my team and this month I am offering up a UK TACO night….what the heck I’m sure you are wondering. Let me explain TACO night is Totally Awesome Career Opportunity!!! What a perfect fit for my LOVE of Jamberry!


Have you wanted to know more about Jamberry? Wonder what we do? Love the products and want a discount? Want to earn extra Christmas money? Curious about our upcoming launch in the UK? This is the place for you!

Join us for our TACO Night and have all your questions answered!

If you are interested in attending my UK TACO Night I would love to hook you up with an invite! Contact me now and I will get you into the event where we will have fun, and of course there will be PRIZES!!




Pastel Perfection

I love this time of the month! Yesterday Jamberry released the preview of March’s Stylebox…what a gorgeous way to march into spring! With three styles to choose from there is something to suit almost every style.

Take a look at the boxes here Click here

It’s a tough decision but I think I am going to select Trendy this month, those wraps most suit my nail style 🙂 Which box would you choose?

Jamberry UK – Get Registered!

As many of you know, Jamberry has recently announced a launch to the UK in April 2016!  For those of you interested in the opportunity, the company has set up a website where you can register for future webinars to gather all the information you’ll need to determine if Jamberry is the right business for you 🙂

If you are interested in participating in the webinars, contact me for the link to register!

You can also request a free sample of Jamberry nail wraps ~ click here to request more information!

jam uk

This is an incredible opportunity and I am thrilled to share the details with you! Contact me today  with any questions and I can also add you to my interest group on Facebook where you will receive launch updates as well as all the training you need to grow a successful business with Jamberry ☺


May the Luck of the Irish Be With You

St.Patrick’s Day is offically one month away! Ohhh how I love a good day out with friends, so many good memories….though since kids I don’t exactly make it out so perhaps Pinterest crafts will be on tap 😉

Jamberry loves the holidays and of course we have St.Patrick’s Day theme wraps to suit your fancy. Check out these stunning wraps! Which one is your fave?


We wouldn’t want to leave out the little ones so of course juniors are on the menu too! How adorable are these wraps!


So what are your St.Patrick’s Day traditions, or how will you celebrate this year? I hope however you do it, your nails are stylish too!

To get your hands on a little Irish luck Click here


Jamberry UK Launch Information

I know many of you are incredibly excited about joining Jamberry when we launch in the UK so how about some DETAILS!!

The image below shows the start up kit cost as well as product prices!


This is an incredible opportunity and I would like to help you make the most of it! Contact me

Request your free sample click here

Expansion to the UK

Shut the front door!!! I could not wait to share this news at all because I am soooo EXCITED!! Jamberry just announced that our next expansion will be to the UK! Anyone who has joined this amazing company as a country launched can tell you what an amazing ground floor opportunity this is.

If you are ready for a life changing opportunity and the chance to get in right at the start NOW is the time! If you have questions, are looking for information or samples I am more than happy to connect with you. To get your sample you can contact me here

We will be launching in the spring and I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this exciting product to you all! Looking forward to sharing yet another amazing Jamberry opportunity with you! For additional information Click here



I never really believed in life changing opportunities…I was bound to work the same job or similar for the rest of my life with not a lot of movement. That was before Jamberry. My own story aside I have met or connected with so many incredibly inspiring women it blows my mind! These women are supportive, encouraging and cheerleaders from afar….many of them probably don’t even realize the impact they have had on people they have never met. Yup I have my jamgirl crushes and idols and meeting some of them at conference I was shaking in my flip flops.

One of these incredible women (Debbie Bird) started a hashtag amongt consultants #becauseofjamberry. It started as a small idea to be positive, and share the blessing that Jamberry has been in people’s lives, if I remember correctly it started on the Team Leader page and evolved as everyone shared with their teams…it became huge! The hashtag has become a place for us to share our testimonials, the blessings bestowed on us. No matter how big or small Jamberry means something to each consultant…whether its “I got a safer car”, “paid for my kids camp”, “became confident” or “quit my full time job” the impact is far and wide.

I encourage you to take a look at #becauseofjamberry and see some of the stories out there. Be inspired! Be inspiring!


The Disney Collection by Jamberry

What an incredibly exciting day yesterday was in the world of Jamberry!! This is big! Disney is finally here! So many fascinating options to choose from and it’s only the beginning!  Disney and Jamberry have collaborated to bring some incredible designs with more designs and junior wraps to come. Holy! My head is spinning from excitement and the buzz from customers and consultants is at a fever pitch!

Make Disney Collection by Jamberry part of your world with these enchanting Disney Princess Ariel-inspired nail wraps. With so many designs to choose from you’re sure to feel like you’re under the sea.


Fall in love with these dreamy designs! Romantic hues and floral details are just a few of the things to love from the Disney Princess Aurora series.


Go all out in red with these Disney Minnie Mouse nail wraps from the Disney Collection by Jamberry. Bold and fun, you’re sure to love these designs!


Rock the dots while still being simple and chic with these fashion forward wraps. Beautiful classy Disney Minnie Mouse designs.


Let your mani pop! ‘Color me Minnie’ and ‘Rockin’ the Dots’ are the perfect Disney Minnie Mouse designs for making a fashion statement.


I am so excited about all of the possibilities that this collaboration is bringing to us, and now I have to think about which design I will rock at Jamberry International Conference at Disney this summer…eeek!! So I have to know….what designs are your favourites?

To order yours Click here

Shout It From the Roof Top

So today I’m getting personal. When I first started direct sales and Jamberry I truly only had the intention of having a little bit of fun and making a little extra money. You know enough to pay for the kids sports, or maybe go buy myself some new clothes, or date night with hubby. I really did not see the big picture! I had no intention of building a team, or a business at all!

Fast forward….in December I returned to work from my maternity leave with my second child and knew it was going to be crazy! I had been moved to a location out of town, and had to somehow get the kids to daycare and then make the drive in record time. And then…I had to do that all over at the end of the day. I was doing all of this, to make good money that was mostly all going to pay for my kids to be taken care of (one before and after school and the other full time)….nuts!!

So I made an attempt (very brief) and it was clear this was just not going to work. So what’s a Mom to do? Well leave her job of almost 10 years and stay home with the kids of course. After careful consideration we decided that it just did not make sense to be so stressed, and then pay everyone else to watch the kids when I could stay home and work on Jamberry during nap times and quiet play. By the time I paid out childcare I could easily make that income up with my direct sales business (and then some).

I decided to write about this new normal for us today because it really hit me how incredibly, freaking blessed I am! Both kids were sick this week…in no shape for daycare sick! Little miss was a hot, sick mess and my favourite guy well he was running a crazy high fever for 5 days. What on earth would I have done had I not been able to stay home! Hubby and I would have had to figure out who was staying home what days, loose pay and stress, stress, stress. So while I hated how sick my kidlets were this week, it did finally hit me what an amazing choice we made for our family. Oh the power of direct sales!

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