I can’t believe its been two years!! Today marks my two year Jamiversary with Jamberry Nails. What a ride it has been! I joined Jamberry on the day we launched in Canada…September 1st 2013 and never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be like this.

If you have read some of my other posts than you know I didn’t set out to build an empire, I just wanted a little extra money and to have some “me” time. I didn’t even really pay attention to the comp plan, and definitely not up to team manager or above. And then something click…not long before my 1 year anniversary my team was growing and I realized this could be so much more. So I worked for it, my team worked for it and success I reached Team Manager. Since then the ride hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Its a learning curve to motivate, train and maintain a team of women and the team manager status. Have I always succeeded? Nope not by a long shot, but I am determined to keep working for it, this is worth it to me and I aim to hit the top ranks…one day. Sure many people excel and reach higher levels in no time at all…sometimes it feels like I am the turtle just poking along, never going to reach the heights I envision. But one of the things I have learned in this journey is to not compare, to embrace it all, to enjoy the ride. I am learning, growing, building my business, my self-esteem and my confidence…and I will soar!

This journey isn’t all about the paycheck, or the ranks or the rewards…you see another thing I have learned along the way is that its about the people. My customers and my connection with them means the world to me. I love them all, I love getting to know them, becoming friends, connecting and having fun. I wouldn’t be here without my customers, my fellow Jam addicts…I appreciate your business more than you will ever know, and above all I appreciate your friendships and the laughs we have shared.

My teammates, my jamsisters, my jamily….it is crazy how a group of people many I have never met in person can hold such a place in my heart. I value each and every one of you, I love your team spirit, your determination, your enthusiasm. I love how you never give up, and build your own businesses in your own way. I revel in your successes and while you may never see it behind this computer screen I am always cheering you on, laughing and smiling each step of the way. And when you doubt yourselves I feel your pain and your frustration, but I BELIEVE IN YOU. You are all so strong, so wise and so beautiful. So keep at it, be strong and BeYOUtiful. Truly you amaze me!

And then there is the fellow Jamsisters out there that I meet on the leaders page, on the consultant pages and in person at events. You all inspire me! When I feel like I can’t be a success, in your own ways, whether you know it or not your words and encouragement directly or indirectly gives me the strength, the courage and the ability to dream.

So while when this journey started I didn’t think it would lead me here, and then part way through I thought I would be so much more than I am today I am more determined than ever to keep this vision alive and make it my reality. I am blessed beyond words to have met you all (through my keyboard or hugged you face to face) and I thank you for whatever role you have played in my journey. As tears roll down my face I am just so thankful for this moment and that this opportunity came along and is shaping me, and my life in the way it has. Here’s to another year of jams, love and blessings