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September 2015

Your a GEM!

Jamberry is rocking with GEMS this October! The October Stylebox has been released and my oh my it is a beauty! To see what all the excitement is about Click here

New this fall you can select your style and change it each month if you would like…how freaking amazing is that!? Which style would you choose? Trendy, feminine or classic?

october gem 3For this month I am torn between feminine and classic! I am loving the rich red, but think the purple is stunning too! I think my final decision was to go with feminine, I know that I am going to love it but gosh that red is calling me too.

To take the quiz and see which stylebox fits your style click here. By taking the quiz there is no commitment to purchase, and remember if you do choose to order a stylebox you can manually select the style you receive no matter what the quiz says. I would love to hear what style your quiz gives you.

You can order this gem of a stylebox until October 15th. To start your fabulous subscription click here


Direct Sales and Team Incentives

Incentive: noun 1. something that incites or tends to incite to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for increased productivity.


2. inciting, as to action; stimulating; provocative.
The whole concept of incentives in the direct sales world is a powerful motivator for many, I know I LOVE receiving free goodies from my company for achieving a goal, incentive or promotion. Incentives are meant to motivate and reward achievements. As a Team Manager I am always working to find that balance of incentives for my team, something that will motivate them but not break my bank. Frequently incentives are viewed as monetary or product orientated but money is not necessarily the best motivator.
It comes as no surprise that people are individuals and motivated by different things, sure some may be driven by money but there are other real motivators that don’t cost you a thing. Each month I try to put forward each of these types of incentives to my team.
Recognition is a HUGE motivator for me, and for many others as well, and this can be public or one on one. I regularly do posts on my team page recognizing accomplishments, sales, recruiting, being a positive influence etc. I also send HANDWRITTEN cards for promotions, or to welcome new team members, or will pop of a quick email or facebook message.
Friendly competition is another motivator for those competition driven individuals so running a contest or event on my team page solely based on the props they receive is fun for everyone, and reaches those driven by competition.
Peer motivation is another motivator. I find creating a team culture and camaraderie leads to greater success and motivation for team members. This culture leads to a team where they comment and post to praise, encourage and lift each other up. They begin to realize they are a part of something bigger than themselves and that each persons success are celebrated, and help bring the team to greater success. For many this brings an intense desire to do a good job.
Another motivator is impact…I mean truly having an impact on their lives and those around them. Growing professionally and personally brings a great sense of achievement and motivation, there is nothing like seeing people gain confidence in themselves and learn new skills. The impact they have positively on their team members and customers, whether it be making them feel beautiful, donations through a fundraiser, or just bringing people together feels good.
I do also do incentives that involve free product, gift cards etc, but in the long run most direct sales companies already run contests and incentives for consultants so why not let them spend the money. Your time is often better spent promoting those head office contests.
I am always trying to keep things fresh and through trial and error find the “incentives” that are most successful and motivating for my team. What motivates you? How do you give incentive to your teams?

The Time is NOW New Zealand and Australia! Join my team 2 weeks before the Official Launch

Wow! What an exciting day yesterday was!!! For those that have an opportunity to launch teams in New Zealand and Australia 2 weeks early our sites when LIVE yesterday! I can’t believe what an amazing opportunity this is to be able to get in ground floor and start building your business!

If you are not already working with a consultant I would love to talk to you about the Jamberry opportunity and how my team could be the right fit for you. To chat further click here

The excitement is showing…head office and all of us consultants are so ready to welcome you and support you in your Jamberry journey. To see some of the excitement first hand Click here

The first consultant kits are ready to ship to those who have signed on to get started in Australia and New Zealand…ohhh so pretty!

12003238_419052538285669_2364358771543537871_nIf you are ready to get YOUR kit and start your own business today Click here

I am so looking forward to welcoming you onto our team and into our Jamily. We are ready to support you and help you make the most of your experience ❤

Excited to Join Jamberry but Need a Sponsor?

Joining a party direct sales business is so exciting! The hard thing can be finding the right sponsor to support you in your business.  If you are interested in the Jamberry opportunity and are not currently working with a consultant, I would love to help you launch your business!   I  joined on launch day in Canada so I am very familiar with the ups and downs of launching in a new area and have been a consultant for 2 years.

To be successful in your business you need to decide what you want out of it, set goals to work towards and create your action plan to get you there (the right sponsor can really help!).  Whether you are looking to pay a few extra bills each month, or earn full time income Jamberry can help!

If you are from Australia or New Zealand and are looking for a Jamberry sponsor, contact me to learn more about the business and lets see if Jamberry is the right fit for you 🙂 If you are ready to take the leap and change your life today Click here

If you are from Canada or the US and would like to join Jamberry TODAY, click hereto get started!

Can’t wait to support you!

dare to jump

New Direct Sales/Party Plan Company Coming Soon to Australia and New Zealand

Hey Jamberry fans!!

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and have been following Jamberry for a while you must be busting with excitement over the upcoming launch!!!   Jamberry has recently announced an expansion to Australia & New Zealand taking place on October 1st!  It is such an exciting time and I am thrilled to bring you all the details!  If you are already planning to join or just learning about Jamberry for the first time, follow my blog for all most up to date information.

If you are interested in more information about the products or the opportunity to create your own successful home business with Jamberry, contact me or check out my website for more info!   Already a Jamberry lover and ready to get started?  Click here for info on joining my team on September 15!!!  That’s right, you can order your consultant kit two weeks early and get a great head start to your new biz!

Looking forward to supporting you in your Jamberry journey!!


Watch out Australia and New Zealand! Here comes Jamberry!

Source: Watch out Australia and New Zealand! Here comes Jamberry!

Jamiversary….time to celebrate and reflect!

I can’t believe its been two years!! Today marks my two year Jamiversary with Jamberry Nails. What a ride it has been! I joined Jamberry on the day we launched in Canada…September 1st 2013 and never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be like this.

If you have read some of my other posts than you know I didn’t set out to build an empire, I just wanted a little extra money and to have some “me” time. I didn’t even really pay attention to the comp plan, and definitely not up to team manager or above. And then something click…not long before my 1 year anniversary my team was growing and I realized this could be so much more. So I worked for it, my team worked for it and success I reached Team Manager. Since then the ride hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Its a learning curve to motivate, train and maintain a team of women and the team manager status. Have I always succeeded? Nope not by a long shot, but I am determined to keep working for it, this is worth it to me and I aim to hit the top ranks…one day. Sure many people excel and reach higher levels in no time at all…sometimes it feels like I am the turtle just poking along, never going to reach the heights I envision. But one of the things I have learned in this journey is to not compare, to embrace it all, to enjoy the ride. I am learning, growing, building my business, my self-esteem and my confidence…and I will soar!

This journey isn’t all about the paycheck, or the ranks or the rewards…you see another thing I have learned along the way is that its about the people. My customers and my connection with them means the world to me. I love them all, I love getting to know them, becoming friends, connecting and having fun. I wouldn’t be here without my customers, my fellow Jam addicts…I appreciate your business more than you will ever know, and above all I appreciate your friendships and the laughs we have shared.

My teammates, my jamsisters, my jamily….it is crazy how a group of people many I have never met in person can hold such a place in my heart. I value each and every one of you, I love your team spirit, your determination, your enthusiasm. I love how you never give up, and build your own businesses in your own way. I revel in your successes and while you may never see it behind this computer screen I am always cheering you on, laughing and smiling each step of the way. And when you doubt yourselves I feel your pain and your frustration, but I BELIEVE IN YOU. You are all so strong, so wise and so beautiful. So keep at it, be strong and BeYOUtiful. Truly you amaze me!

And then there is the fellow Jamsisters out there that I meet on the leaders page, on the consultant pages and in person at events. You all inspire me! When I feel like I can’t be a success, in your own ways, whether you know it or not your words and encouragement directly or indirectly gives me the strength, the courage and the ability to dream.

So while when this journey started I didn’t think it would lead me here, and then part way through I thought I would be so much more than I am today I am more determined than ever to keep this vision alive and make it my reality. I am blessed beyond words to have met you all (through my keyboard or hugged you face to face) and I thank you for whatever role you have played in my journey. As tears roll down my face I am just so thankful for this moment and that this opportunity came along and is shaping me, and my life in the way it has. Here’s to another year of jams, love and blessings



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