Everyone has a why. When you make the decision to join a direct sales company you have a reason. For some people it’s to get out and socialize, have some “me” time away from the family, others want financial freedom, or to give back to others and be generous. You make a decision to join based on this vision, this belief, your goals and your why.

Personally, I joined for a hobby…something to do that was all mine, and to earn a little bit of money for some extras. I thought if I could contribute more towards our winter vacation or pay for trailer fees I would have reached my goal and that was the end game. The funny thing is “why’s” aren’t stagnant, they are ever changing, ever growing, ever expanding.

Once you begin to develop a vision, and allow yourself to dream you begin to see that all things are possible. If you allow yourself to dream what would that be? What do you want?

I had never in my wildest dreams imagined having a thriving direct sales business, growing a team, supporting women in reaching their goals. As my vision changed so did my why. I began to dream….dream of staying home with my small children while they are young, dream of being there for their school activities, to watch them grow. I dream of helping many women be successful in what ever their goals and why are. I dream being generous, of running fundraisers and giving back. Allowing myself to dream, to have imagination and belief has shifted my why and allowed me to make clear goals and map my path.

Why’s are so individual, and something so personal but whatever your why is let it guide your path. If it’s a little bit of extra money, paying for a trip or Christmas, getting out of the house, finding yourself or creating a stable future for your children go for it! Make it yours and make it happen.