If you are in direct sales you have likely heard the saying “the fortune is in the follow up” and it couldn’t be more true. I think many people are afraid to follow up for fear of bothering or hounding customers or potential recruits. However, studies show that it takes 8 contacts to covert a lead into a sale or new team member and the average consultant stops at 2! Now that I am more aware of follow up I am more selective with who I shop with…consultants that send me a thank you or acknowledge my purchase and follow up are more likely to receive my business than someone who takes my money and runs. I like to feel appreciated and that my business matters.

Customer care is your greatest asset and yet very few consultants do it! By creating a system for yourself of follow up and customer care you can increase your sales by 50%, increase your number of bookings and your number of new team members. There are many methods of follow up but I like to follow the 2+2+2 method.

10922752_924640187554230_1806933629750974619_n2 days after a customer orders is an important time to follow up. They are thinking about what they ordered, maybe wanting more, possibly told a friend about you. This is the time where I call or send an email simply showing gratitude and thanking them for their order. I also send a handwritten thank you card.

2 weeks after an order I provide SERVICE by contacting them and making sure they received their product, that it was as expected, have they enjoyed it/worn it? Do they have any questions? In my world of Jamberry this is an excellent time to troubleshoot any application issues.

2 Months after their order is a time to touch base and see if they need to replenish. I check in see if they need anything, need any gifts etc.

After this I put customers onto a 3 month cycle where I can follow up, and stay in contact. This may be sending a contact of personal information, sending a card, mailing a new catalogue etc. I typically try to connect twice per catalogue, once at the launch and again as the catalogue is ending regarding any retiring products.

Now I will openly admit that follow up has been a weakness of mine, and that at the beginning I didn’t do it AT ALL! I have learned from my mistakes and kick myself at the potential sales, customers and team members I most likely lost out on because I didn’t stay in touch. However you decide to do follow up find a system that works for you…a file system, cue cards or a computer based program. Personally what has finally clicked for my is Client Angel an online service where I can set up reminder templates, and receive daily emails reminding me of tasks that need to be completed and follow up that needs to be done. This is making my system of follow up much more successful so that my business will be a success. They say the fortune is in the follow up but also it is easier to maintain current contacts than to find new ones. What system of follow up do you use?