Direct sales is a profession that involves a great variety of skill sets. Some of these skills may be natural others may be acquired, but any skill is something that  can be learned and developed over time. Three of the major skill areas are around booking, recruiting and selling….but above all direct sales is about building relationships.

There are many ways to learn and acquire skills to become successful in direct sales. I personally enjoy following a number of direct sales experts either through some paid training/webinars or most often the many free webinars that are offered on a regular basis. I love listening to a variety of experts and taking the information and using it in a way that suits my style and business needs. I also spend a lot of time reading about direct sales, and leadership.

Many companies offer additional trainings for their consultants, and staff head office personnel who are experts in the field. One of the many reasons I LOVE my Jamberry business is the continuous opportunities for learning and growth to which I am offered. Training begins with one’s upline and sponsor. I cannot even put into words how much I have learned from my upline and other consultants and leaders within the company. I personally offer weekly trainings to my downline, to help ensure their learning to whatever degree they wish to take their business. Jamberry provides us with Jamberry University where consultants can complete lessons on their own schedule. Topics include compensation plan, getting started, telling your story, successful parties and follow up, and developing your team. This whole program is for consultants of any skill level and offers tidbits that can push everyone to the next level.

As a Team Manager and above consultants also have an opportunity to participate in Leaders University which continues to develop ones skills around leadership, managing a team, creating vision etc.

Jamberry also provides a number of videos, and training segments within ones website, and has weekly information and topical training calls/videos for consultants and leaders within the company.

I personally had never envisioned a business in direct sales, and the skills involved were not something that I had honed. But with the vast amount of information out there whether it be through Jamberry or other outlets such as online webinars and books the skills are within anyone’s reach. I find the beauty of direct sales is that it does not matter what your background is, what your education level is or your life experience. There is something for everyone, and everyone has something to offer. What other job is there that you feel so supported and encouraged by your team and others in the company, where they openly share their knowledge to give you a hand up. Love this opportunity!