Woah!!! At Jamcon in Texas Jamberry announced that our NEW product for the fall release would be TruShine our Gel Enamel System! I LOVE that this company is always coming up with new products to keep things exciting and that will meet the needs of women’s nails everywhere! I know that wraps aren’t for everyone but this gel system is ah-mazing!!!

11864751_10207806587102224_494262480781547438_oThe TruShine system will include a gel top coat, gel base coat, Gel coat in Black Cherry, cuticle oil, 50 gel enamel removal pockets, LED curing light, nail prep wipes, buffer, cuticle pusher, orange sticks and a file.

11894499_10207806586742215_6526223895188446760_o You can also shop A la Carte for the system contents, Classic colour coats and speciality colour coats. Product benefits include being 5-free, salon quality at home application, durable finish, LED light and quick curing process.

11845059_10207806587142225_690045109358231003_oI am not a huge lacquer girl but have had gel done a few times in a salon BUT never done an at home application. At conference I was able to get my hands on this new product early and give it a test run and it was easy peasy (even for me!).

11875041_10207806586702214_779528989238680148_oThe removal process is easy, using gel enamel removal pockets and an orange stick. This part may take some practice for me, I think I needed a little extra soak time but generally this was an easy process. I was expecting an awful smell with the remover but its actually pretty and not overpowering at all.

I’m looking forward to the launch of TruShine on September 1st!! Check out this fabulous video to learn more about it! click here