What a week!!!

Just home from attending the Jamberry 2015 conference in Dallas Texas and I am feeling even more in love with our head office and more blessed than ever to be a part of this incredible company!

Conference was so incredible and mind blowing…its hard to know where to begin!  I am JAZZED about the new products we have coming (hang tight you will hear soon) and super excited about the overall direction that Jamberry is headed.    As a 4 year old company they have grown by leaps and bounds and they are shining bright in the direct sales industry with all they have accomplished in their short history.

What’s next?

August 1st marks our annual going, going gone event where we bid adieu to our retiring wraps (always sad to say goodbye) and September 1st will bring a new catalogue with hundreds of new designs, exciting NEW product innovations, infrastructure improvements and more.

What’s super exciting?

I am stoked to announce an incentive for August where new consultants can earn a $50 cash rebate themselves when they sign up in August and earn their first Fast Start period by September 30, 2015. New consultants will also be eligible for up to $75 in product gift certificates, EXCLUSIVE wraps and EXCLUSIVE swag. Would love to hear your questions or are you ready to drink the jam juice? Click here

What am I MOST excited about?? 

The release of the launch date for Australia and New Zealand of course!!!   October 1st is the big day and I cannot wait to welcome more lovely ladies into this family.

The future is so bright I need my shades and if you have been thinking about joining my team, now is the time!!   You WANT to be here for all the incredible things we have coming…trust me!  It is time to get in the game and get started…I can help!   Contact me for more information about getting started and if you are from Australia and New Zealand and interested in this life changing opportunity, I want to hear from you!   Free samples are also available so Contact me to request yours today!!