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August 2015

Jamberry Introduces It’s Very Own Party in a Box! Celebration Box!

Jamberry has truly outdone themselves!!

Consultants frequently get requests to host birthday, bachelorette or wedding parties and Jamberry has just announced one of their new products, “Celebration Box”

It is literally everything you need to spoil your princess on her special day 🙂

Check out what comes in the box:

  • Exclusive Celebration Box nail wrap (choose standard or junior size)
  • Choice of 3 catalog wraps
  • Mini Heater & Application kit (that the guest of honour gets to keep!)
  • 10 balloons
  • 8 party favour bags

celebration box

Want to be among the first to celebrate in style with Jamberry’s new Celebration Box?

Contact me for details and lets book your party today!


Know your Why…

Everyone has a why. When you make the decision to join a direct sales company you have a reason. For some people it’s to get out and socialize, have some “me” time away from the family, others want financial freedom, or to give back to others and be generous. You make a decision to join based on this vision, this belief, your goals and your why.

Personally, I joined for a hobby…something to do that was all mine, and to earn a little bit of money for some extras. I thought if I could contribute more towards our winter vacation or pay for trailer fees I would have reached my goal and that was the end game. The funny thing is “why’s” aren’t stagnant, they are ever changing, ever growing, ever expanding.

Once you begin to develop a vision, and allow yourself to dream you begin to see that all things are possible. If you allow yourself to dream what would that be? What do you want?

I had never in my wildest dreams imagined having a thriving direct sales business, growing a team, supporting women in reaching their goals. As my vision changed so did my why. I began to dream….dream of staying home with my small children while they are young, dream of being there for their school activities, to watch them grow. I dream of helping many women be successful in what ever their goals and why are. I dream being generous, of running fundraisers and giving back. Allowing myself to dream, to have imagination and belief has shifted my why and allowed me to make clear goals and map my path.

Why’s are so individual, and something so personal but whatever your why is let it guide your path. If it’s a little bit of extra money, paying for a trip or Christmas, getting out of the house, finding yourself or creating a stable future for your children go for it! Make it yours and make it happen.

Hot Jam! Stylebox is Where Its At!

One year ago Jamberry launched Stylebox, a monthly subscription of product delivered right to your door. What a year it has been, I have love getting my EXCLUSIVE wraps and lacquer each month.

Beginning in September Jamberry is uping the anti and moving to three distinctly different styleboxes based on a quiz OR your own personal selection. You can choose from classic, feminine or trendy. I’m so excited to have MORE exclusive designs and with three different boxes I may will have to get more subscriptions!

One of the best part…Jamberry will NOW be releasing the upcoming style videos prior to the next month so that you can view it and change your selection at any time! I am so freaking excited to have control over which box comes to my door (well you know before I order all three). I’m trying to decide which box I want for September and would like to hear what you think. For your sneak peek click here.

So which style would you choose?


I know I will be eagerly awaiting my mail for September…looking forward to styling my wraps my way. To order your stylebox subscription click here.

Throwback Thursday!!

This summer Jamberry has been rocking out Throwback Thursdays with wraps that we have all missed and loved!! Sadly this week is the last throwback…please Jamberry keep them coming! Are you ready…here they are!

11898608_1047189625299285_6787594671287100974_nDo you love them or what! I think I NEED a little purple and silver crisscross in my life! These wraps are only available until Monday before they are gone AGAIN.

To order click here

Fortune is in the Follow Up

If you are in direct sales you have likely heard the saying “the fortune is in the follow up” and it couldn’t be more true. I think many people are afraid to follow up for fear of bothering or hounding customers or potential recruits. However, studies show that it takes 8 contacts to covert a lead into a sale or new team member and the average consultant stops at 2! Now that I am more aware of follow up I am more selective with who I shop with…consultants that send me a thank you or acknowledge my purchase and follow up are more likely to receive my business than someone who takes my money and runs. I like to feel appreciated and that my business matters.

Customer care is your greatest asset and yet very few consultants do it! By creating a system for yourself of follow up and customer care you can increase your sales by 50%, increase your number of bookings and your number of new team members. There are many methods of follow up but I like to follow the 2+2+2 method.

10922752_924640187554230_1806933629750974619_n2 days after a customer orders is an important time to follow up. They are thinking about what they ordered, maybe wanting more, possibly told a friend about you. This is the time where I call or send an email simply showing gratitude and thanking them for their order. I also send a handwritten thank you card.

2 weeks after an order I provide SERVICE by contacting them and making sure they received their product, that it was as expected, have they enjoyed it/worn it? Do they have any questions? In my world of Jamberry this is an excellent time to troubleshoot any application issues.

2 Months after their order is a time to touch base and see if they need to replenish. I check in see if they need anything, need any gifts etc.

After this I put customers onto a 3 month cycle where I can follow up, and stay in contact. This may be sending a contact of personal information, sending a card, mailing a new catalogue etc. I typically try to connect twice per catalogue, once at the launch and again as the catalogue is ending regarding any retiring products.

Now I will openly admit that follow up has been a weakness of mine, and that at the beginning I didn’t do it AT ALL! I have learned from my mistakes and kick myself at the potential sales, customers and team members I most likely lost out on because I didn’t stay in touch. However you decide to do follow up find a system that works for you…a file system, cue cards or a computer based program. Personally what has finally clicked for my is Client Angel an online service where I can set up reminder templates, and receive daily emails reminding me of tasks that need to be completed and follow up that needs to be done. This is making my system of follow up much more successful so that my business will be a success. They say the fortune is in the follow up but also it is easier to maintain current contacts than to find new ones. What system of follow up do you use?

Direct Sales and Mad Skills!

Direct sales is a profession that involves a great variety of skill sets. Some of these skills may be natural others may be acquired, but any skill is something that  can be learned and developed over time. Three of the major skill areas are around booking, recruiting and selling….but above all direct sales is about building relationships.

There are many ways to learn and acquire skills to become successful in direct sales. I personally enjoy following a number of direct sales experts either through some paid training/webinars or most often the many free webinars that are offered on a regular basis. I love listening to a variety of experts and taking the information and using it in a way that suits my style and business needs. I also spend a lot of time reading about direct sales, and leadership.

Many companies offer additional trainings for their consultants, and staff head office personnel who are experts in the field. One of the many reasons I LOVE my Jamberry business is the continuous opportunities for learning and growth to which I am offered. Training begins with one’s upline and sponsor. I cannot even put into words how much I have learned from my upline and other consultants and leaders within the company. I personally offer weekly trainings to my downline, to help ensure their learning to whatever degree they wish to take their business. Jamberry provides us with Jamberry University where consultants can complete lessons on their own schedule. Topics include compensation plan, getting started, telling your story, successful parties and follow up, and developing your team. This whole program is for consultants of any skill level and offers tidbits that can push everyone to the next level.

As a Team Manager and above consultants also have an opportunity to participate in Leaders University which continues to develop ones skills around leadership, managing a team, creating vision etc.

Jamberry also provides a number of videos, and training segments within ones website, and has weekly information and topical training calls/videos for consultants and leaders within the company.

I personally had never envisioned a business in direct sales, and the skills involved were not something that I had honed. But with the vast amount of information out there whether it be through Jamberry or other outlets such as online webinars and books the skills are within anyone’s reach. I find the beauty of direct sales is that it does not matter what your background is, what your education level is or your life experience. There is something for everyone, and everyone has something to offer. What other job is there that you feel so supported and encouraged by your team and others in the company, where they openly share their knowledge to give you a hand up. Love this opportunity!

Ready, Set…..Gel!!!!

Woah!!! At Jamcon in Texas Jamberry announced that our NEW product for the fall release would be TruShine our Gel Enamel System! I LOVE that this company is always coming up with new products to keep things exciting and that will meet the needs of women’s nails everywhere! I know that wraps aren’t for everyone but this gel system is ah-mazing!!!

11864751_10207806587102224_494262480781547438_oThe TruShine system will include a gel top coat, gel base coat, Gel coat in Black Cherry, cuticle oil, 50 gel enamel removal pockets, LED curing light, nail prep wipes, buffer, cuticle pusher, orange sticks and a file.

11894499_10207806586742215_6526223895188446760_o You can also shop A la Carte for the system contents, Classic colour coats and speciality colour coats. Product benefits include being 5-free, salon quality at home application, durable finish, LED light and quick curing process.

11845059_10207806587142225_690045109358231003_oI am not a huge lacquer girl but have had gel done a few times in a salon BUT never done an at home application. At conference I was able to get my hands on this new product early and give it a test run and it was easy peasy (even for me!).

11875041_10207806586702214_779528989238680148_oThe removal process is easy, using gel enamel removal pockets and an orange stick. This part may take some practice for me, I think I needed a little extra soak time but generally this was an easy process. I was expecting an awful smell with the remover but its actually pretty and not overpowering at all.

I’m looking forward to the launch of TruShine on September 1st!! Check out this fabulous video to learn more about it! click here

All Laquered Up

Jamberry isn’t just about wraps! We also have fabulous lacquer to wear alone or under our clear wraps….so many options!!vJamberry Professional Nail Lacquer provides 5-free* salon quality coverage, with vibrant colors that complement

many of our nail wrap designs. These nail lacquers are perfect for the ever trendy statement nail, pesky pinky toes,

or under any of our clear nail designs.

lacquer bottles

Jamberry lacquer is 5-free which means that it is free of the top 5 chemicals commonly found in nailpolish and lacquer. Our salon quality professional lacquers do not contain Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor.

Currently we carry a variety of colours, lacquer sets and top coats. We also carry strengthening basecoats and smoothing basecoats. But spoiler alert (there is so much more coming in September!). I admittedly am not a polish girl and am not great at application (reasons why I love my wraps) but after trying out the lacquers I find I get a lot more wear time and find the colours to be rich.

Stay tuned to see what’s coming in the fall!

fairy tale lacquer rock on spring lacquer

What to Look for When Joining a Direct Sales Team

Have you thought about joining a direct sales company, but aren’t sure where to begin, who’s team to join or what you are looking for? I feel that it’s SOOOOO important to be selective in who you want to sponsor you. You want someone who wants YOU to be successful, who will support YOUR GOALS, will help you become KNOWEDGABLE not someone who is just looking for a leg up and will leave you flailing in the wind. So what should you be looking for?

  1. Someone who is passionate about the product and the company
  2. A team who has experience and support. Perhaps your sponsor is new, and that’s okay but while they are learning do they have a team/upline who will help both of you grow.
  3. Someone who is ethical! Most direct sales companies (including Jamberry) have policies against offering incentives for people to join (ie.join my team and I will give you ____”. Do you want to join a sponsor who doesn’t follow guidelines, or is desperate? Or do you want someone who is working their business from the heart and wants the best for you, and wants to show you the ropes ethically?
  4. Is the company something you can get behind? Are they in it for the long haul, how do they support their consultants, what are the head office staff like?
  5. What is the compensation plan? You want to get paid right? Does the compensation plan fit your needs? Is it designed to help you be successful?

There is so much to consider, and a great deal more in depth to go. I think I will explore these topics more. But I hope this has given you something to think about.

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